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Curvhance is a powerful, natural supplement containing a unique blend of herbal and plant based ingredients proven to produce REAL results for bigger, fuller, more voluptuous breasts, hips and butt.
Absolutely not. We have carefully selected only the finest of ingredients to use in Curvhance pills that we know will work to produce real results. We have received 100% customer satisfaction so far, which is why we offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who fails to see results after 60 days of continued use. You have nothing to lose, only beautful curves to gain!
Just take 1 capsule twice a day and you’re on your way to a curvier, more shapely body.
Yes, Curvhance is a blend of 8 all natural, vegetarian and vegan ingredients, not containing any gelatin or animal by-products.
Curvhance is recommended for 16+ years old, with overall good health. It’s always recommended to consult with your doctor before starting any new supplement, especially pregnant or nursing women.
You should try to take your capsules at the same time every day when you are most likely to remember taking them. Whichever time is best and most convenient for you, whether it’s at breakfast, lunch or before bedtime. Taking the product with food is not required, but if you have a sensitive stomach and digestive issues then it is recommended that you take it with a meal.
Although working out is absolutely not required to see the benefits from taking Curvhance, it will however speed up your body enhancing results. Those who combine glute exercises with Curvhance will see results in a shorter period of time. Check out our Instagram feed for workout tips and guidance.
The Curvhance formula was developed to only stimulate growth in the breasts and glutes area while simultaneously helping eliminate fat from problem areas like the arms and belly by shedding excess water weight and bloating. With slender arms and a slimmer waist, this will create the illusion of bigger butt and breasts!
Curvhance works by filling out the curves that you are lacking in. So if you are top heavy, Curvhance will help to balance out your body by increasing growth of your hips and butt area, creating a sexy hourglass figure. If you have naturally big breasts, Curvhance will keep them looking youthful in appearance by keeping them perky and firm.
Curvhance is a natural supplement, not a drug. The FDA approves medications and drugs, not dietary supplements. Each ingredient is tested for quality assurance before production. Our products are made in the USA and manufactured in FDA certified facilities. These facilities are inspected and comply with all standards and regulations of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
At this time there are no known side effects associated with Curvhance. As Curvhance is a 100% drug-free, natural and safe supplement, its ingredients have numerous health promoting benefits on top of the body enhancing results! If you are taking other medications, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking Curvhance.
No, we recommend that you do not exceed the stated dosage as taking too much of a supplement can often cause side effects and toxicity, with no improved results. The dose provided in this formulation has been specifically chosen for optimal results.
Curvhance is a natural over-the-counter supplement, but we recommend that anyone under the age of 16 consult with their doctor before taking any new supplement.
There are no known side effects associated with discontinued use of Curvhance. You can stop taking the supplements once you have achieved your body goal and are happy with your results. The fat and muscle that is added to your breasts, butt and hips will not be lost by discontinued use of the product.
Yes. All our packaging is plain in neautral packaging. It is not in see through envelopes or boxes. To ensure you can order with peace of mind, there is no indication on the package about the contents or any reference of the Curvhance brand logo.
We ship worldwide with the exception of a few countries due to custom regulations. If you have a question regarding international shipping, please email contact@curvhance.com. For an accurate shipping cost total outside of the United States, please email contact@curvhance.com with your shipping address and tell us which product(s) you would like to purchase.

No, we’ll pay for duties and tax costs on all orders. (Excludes wholesale orders)

Our delivery time starts from the moment payment has been received and includes a 24 hour period in which your item(s) will be processed before dispatch. You will receive an email once your order has been dispatched which will include tracking information. Once your order has been dispatched, delivery time within the US will take 3-6 business days. International customers should allow anywhere from 5-20 business days to receive orders dependent on the country.
Don’t worry! It happens sometimes. Transactions can be declined for several reasons such as incorrect credit card number or expiration date, insufficient funds, technical issues and some credit card companies reject international charges. If your order is rejected and it happens several times in a row, we suggest customers try paying via PayPal instead. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can still pay with your debit/credit card. All you do is; once you are at checkout select to pay with PayPal. On the PayPal page, scroll down and select the ‘pay with debit or credit card’ option. If there’s still no luck, give your bank/financial institution a call.
Please refer to our “100% Satisfaction Guarantee” page for information on returns.
If you are an existing distributor/wholesaler and are licensed to do so in your country and interested in selling our Curvhance products, please contact us at contact@curvhance.com with more information about your business. Further details can be found on our Wholesale page.