Butt Implant Stories From Hell

A patient woke up from her anesthesia and became fully conscious during surgery with extreme pain and explicit memory of the intraoperative events. It became the most traumatic experience of her life to see a room full of sharp surgical tools, a lot of blood and staff who had left the patient alone in the operating room to take a lunch break during the surgery. This is obviously not a story you hear every day but there are thousands of patients who had similarly negative experiences. Whether it is for money-saving shortcuts, or procedures being carried out by unqualified and not properly trained ‘surgeons’, cosmetic surgeries are not held to the same strict standards as traditional operative procedures. When you are going under the knife you want to be in the hands of a professional who has your best interest and will take great care of you in a safe and hygienic environment. In this case, the specialist did not even realize that they did not give enough anesthesia to the patient, which of course turned into a scary and tragic incident for the patient. Rest assured, the doctor in this cosmetic surgery from hell, has had his license taken away from his and is no longer allowed to operate.

As if this story from the operating room was not terrifying enough, unfortunately there are many other negative stories that have come to light from this industry.

Implant Problems

In another case, a patient felt an unusual hard lump in her butt after surgery. The doctor told her that this was completely normal, that it was swelling which would disappear in a few weeks’ time. This in fact turned out to be a faulty implant that started to leak. The doctor thought that he would get away with it, but thankfully, that is not what happened. In some instances, the implants themselves are not viable for surgery. The medical staff must check them thoroughly to make sure they are suitable. If there is a malfunctioning item, they must be replaced but this costs the clinic time and money which is why some places turn a blind eye to less than perfect implants. Brazil was notorious for its cheap and quick cosmetic surgeries, however this all changed in the past few years when more and more horror stories surfaced. We all love a bargain, but opting for cosmetic surgery is never a time to skimp on money. If you are ever offered a cosmetic surgery for the laughable price of $500, run as fast as you can. It’s not worth it. Even $1000 for such a procedure is suspiciously cheap. I personally don’t recommend implants to anybody, but if you are going to do it, do it at a reputable clinic with board certified surgeons that are not cheap. Since you will have those implants for at least 10 years, you should be looking for quality instead of cheap prices.

Larger Butt Thanks to a 100% Natural Pill?

Yes, I think it is possible! You don’t have to rely on dangerous procedures in order to have a big butt. There is legitimate science behind these products with organic ingredients that history has proven to work. Patience is a must. Every single human body is unique, and what works in two short weeks for someone may not work until 6-12 months for another. Regardless of how long it takes to see results, natural supplements will always benefit you significantly more than butt implants ever could internally and externally. Butt implants can cause permanent scarring, numbing, loss of sensation, irregular contours and an asymmetrical lumpy butt which can leave you dissatisfied and out of pocket. On the other hand, with natural butt enhancement pills you can expect a much fuller and bigger natural butt along with several health benefits including treatment of hormonal imbalances, longer healthier hair and nails, clear skin and overall better health. Once you get results from natural booty pills they will be permanent but I recommend that you take the pills for one month every year thereafter for maintenance.

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