Natural Male To Female Transition: How Trans Women Can Naturally Grow Breasts and Curves

“It’s hard. Don’t let that discourage you. I am beyond happy with the results and would do it all over again”.

Those were the words of Cara Cooper; a transwoman who documented and broadcasted her breast augmentation surgery on YouTube in May. The videos were released in parts according to dates of the procedure. Despite having over 5000 views, only 47 viewers could encourage her with likes. I guess others were scared and left without been noticed.

Cara Cooper is one the thousands of transwomen who are bold enough to follow their desire come what may. Ordinarily, being a lady comes with loads of burden to bear, it’s hard-hitting for a transwoman. It could be bigger than what they bargained for, but it’s worth the journey for their happiness.

Breast and butt development for transwomen can be compared to walking in dark in a desert. It’s long and tortuous.

What Stunts The Breast And Butt Development For Transgender Women?

Naturally, transwomen breasts can’t develop into D-cup size or more without augmentation nor the butt enlarged. Age, genetics, and body are crucial factors to determine if boobs and butts will grow or not.

Also, due to human anatomy, the male body as a broader shoulder compared to female folks. The width of the rib cage to the broader shoulder will stretch the breast making them flat as a fritter for male genetics.

In addition, the hormonal configuration in the body. Despite the fact that both male and female genetics are born with the same breast and butt anatomy, the future change in size and shape is triggered by hormones. During puberty, female genes develop breasts and curvy butts because of the hormones (mostly estrogen) that trigger their growth.

So, females don’t grow breasts and butt just to look sexy and curvy but it is hormonal growth which is not overbearing in the male genetics.

Can this factor be manipulated or tipped? Your guess is as good as mine. Before that, here’s popular ways of getting male to female development.

Male To Female Transition: Augmentation And Breast Enlargement 

Augmentation and enlargement is mostly patronized due to the fast transition many transwomen are eager to see. Hence, going under the surgeon’s knife seems unavoidable. As Cooper said, it was painful and time-consuming. Recovery, lasting effects, defects, and cost are trials that trails transwomen after successful breast augmentation.

Augmentation or butt enlargement isn’t a bad idea per say, in fact, hundreds of thousands have gotten their confidence back whether transwomen or not. Nonetheless, it comes with a huge sacrifice and cost. Changing the size, shape, and contour of the breast or butt requires time, which surgeries can offer that in months, but it’s hard.

Breast augmentation is the most popular way of getting breast development before now but the narratives are changing.  Butt or breast development can be achieved with lesser pain by means of phytoestrogenic herbs.

Breast And Butt Development Through Hormone Alteration  

As stated earlier in the previous paragraph that being a woman and man is decided by hormones and not sex genetics.

Naturally, the male body produces different hormones mostly testosterone and females have estrogen. Testosterone in male genetics prevents the continuous growth of breast and butt during puberty while estrogen triggers the duo at puberty.

Scientifically, it’s been proven that the balance of these hormones can be tipped. The growth of two major hormones can be aided and skewed simultaneously. If you think a man could grow breast with that; you’re right. It’s possible.

This implies the body configuration will gradually tilt towards being female. The journey starts by seeing a medical doctor. However, a list of the effects and defect gives transgender women a rethink before the procedure. It’s petrifying.

Breast And Butt Pill Enhancement Method: Little Effort For Greater Result 

Male to female butt and breast development shouldn’t break a sweat for anyone with the right information. Although there are several interesting reasons why your butt won’t grow that you can reverse. Natural herbs in pills offers effective changes with zero effects.

The most profound way of having a successful male to female development is through Curvhance pills. Yes! Just pills. Our clients have verified the developmental changes and results in breast and butt size in 2-3months when religiously taken. CLICK HERE to buy now

The proven powerful herbal ingredients increases the breast and butt size simultaneously for both trans-women and cisgender women. It’s a natural way of getting boobs or butts and evading pains synonymous with other methods. You can also try breast enlarging exercises we list here.

Growing natural breast should be the least concern of being a trans woman, Curvhance enlargement pills does it the easiest and safest way. Here’s an advantage, grab it!

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