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Body Enhancement Pills


(39 customer reviews)

Breast and Butt Enhancing Pills

– See BIGGER, BETTER and FASTER results!
– Smaller, easy-to-swallow capsules!

Each pill is packed with powerful, natural ingredients designed to promote growth in the buttocks, hips and breasts while getting rid of extra water weight helping you eliminate belly bloat safely and naturally.

Curvhance works to support a healthy body from the inside out, containing high-strength ingredients dosed to provide optimum results giving you twice the standard amount compared to other leading body enhancement supplements.

For all body types.

Allergen Warning: Contains Soy (soy isoflavones)

Suggested Use: For best results, take one (1) vegetarian capsule twice daily. Store in a cool, dry place with lid closed. Keep out of reach of children.




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39 reviews for Body Enhancement Pills

  1. Emir8

    I have used this product for full 6 months consistently with no skipped days. Today is the day I decided to cancel my BBL surgery which was scheduled next month!! I am very happy with my results. Thank you CurvHance for saving me a lot of pain and dollars ❤️

  2. Abbigail R

    Th OG product 🙌🏾 Gave me the hourglass figure of my dreams. I’m so glad I took a chance on these 3 years ago and happy to say my results did NOT go away. I’m back to try the tea product now cause it’s winter and why not grow some more curves while sipping on hot tea lol

  3. Anastacia Victoria

    I just started taking them! super excited to start seeing my results! but I have a question curvhance ladies… should I get the tea too. I need booty and boobs! I just got the body enhancement pills. Let me know so I can start ordering soon!
    So glad you ladies are happy with your results, gives me so much joy and excitement! yay!

  4. Jaye

    I ordered this on Sept 20, 2020. I got the 6month body enhancement pills and wow I’m feeling the results within 4 days of use! My breasts are feeling very swollen (like period boobs), I see my waist slimming, and no bloating! So far no results on my butt yet since its already big but Im hoping it will make it rounder since its square. I just purchased the bust tea so hopefully it will expedite the breast growth faster 🙂 Im a 44B cup and my goal is to be DD cup! My Instagram is jayewhale!

  5. Imani

    It’s my first day taking it hopefully it work wish me luck 😄 I’m so excited

  6. Lil P

    Just ordered three month supply plus the elixir…..excited to see the results for the summer.

  7. Michelle martin

    Very happy with my purchase and shipping timing was fast.I been one of those people who watch a website and delay on buying a product.I had two bottles from they’re buy 1 get one free deal.The pills didn’t have a bad taste at all and weren’t hard to swallow.I only got to see one month results due to losing my other bottle but in one month I went from flat to really filling out my underwear and having a round butt and it lifts your butt.And just making sure to always take before and after pictures are always important to see the real growth of results.Curvhance is worth the purchase

  8. Swikki

    You guys are the best

  9. Fay

    3 months in and I am seeing huge differences. I have had a skinny boy figure all my life but Curvhance has given me the sexy curves I have been longing for! My only regret is not discovering the products sooner lol!

  10. Katie

    I have tried other products in the past and this is by far the best. I didn’t see results until 3rd week. Seriously love this

  11. Tanu

    Curvhance really works firstly I was scared to try these capsules as many other sellers sell products which doesn’t work but with curvhance I got the results within a week thanks to curvhance now I feel proud of my self

  12. Vanditha

    It really works.. its just 20 days of use but im seeing the result. I had uneven breast due to breastfeeding but after using curvhance its really a miracle.. thank you curvhance am happy with your product.. shipping also fast it took only 12 days to India.. thanks

  13. Joan jea

    I want to purchase this product. I want to increase my breast and my butt.

  14. Sophia

    I just got mine tiday, can’t wait to see the results 😊

  15. Donna

    Iv made my order can’t waittt to try it out 🙂

  16. Sophia

    I just ordered today . I can’t wait to try.

  17. Ghost_Girl

    I just ordered 1 month supply. I’m trying to put some weight back on but in the right places. Haven’t got them yet but hopefully it works. I’m so excited.

  18. Rahat

    I never use this but I want to use it only for the breast I don’t know it’s for both?

  19. Steff

    I purchased the one month supply and very excited to try it out! Seen great results!

  20. Priscilla Salas

    Just finished my 1st bottle and seeing my buttocks fuller and my breast bigger! I tried many buttlock enlargement pills, gluteboost for 3 months, noting! But this one woow!! I saw results in 2 weeks <3 i already order another bottle so excited!! Thanks curvhance😊🤗

  21. Demita Collins

    Hello I’m waiting to purchase 3 more bottles I have seen very good progress how soon actually will y’all be back in stock very anxious to finish my journey with curvhance Thank You!

  22. Sarah Futral

    I have a question how many cups is this suppose to make your chest??? Cause I’m a small B and aiming for either a C D or DD.
    And I really want to get something that really going to work and just give me falsehope
    So is this a 5 star rated product completely???

  23. Diana

    I finished my 1st bottle and I am currently waiting for my 2nd bottle to be shipped. I could not believe that it worked. I went from a small B cup to a Full B cup. My goal is a C cup then I will stop. Also I always had a big butt and this just made it more plump. #TEAMNATURAL # CURVHANCEISTHEWAYTOGO

  24. Tanya

    Just got my pills 3 days ago can’t wait to see results. Looking forward to a bigger butt.

  25. Jennifer F.

    I just finished a 30 day supply of Curvhance pills, was hopong to see growth in my breast but i seen very little change had maybe an inch growth, but pills did help get my butt a little fuller measured at 36 inches in the beginning of the month to 40 inches at the end of the month. Im hoping the tea works better for my breast. There was also no side affects with pills, i’ll post my review on how the tea worked.

  26. Jen

    I just finished a 30 day supply of Curvhance pills, was hopong to see growth in my breast but i seen very little change had maybe an inch growth, but pills did help get my butt a little fuller measured at 36 inches in the beginning of the month to 40 inches at the end of the month. Im hoping the tea works better for my breast. There was also no side affects with pills, i’ll post my review on how the tea worked.

  27. Marissa

    Like many women before they buy these pills they are skeptical. Which I was at first but works great!

  28. Maa Jill

    I purchase one month already and can’t wait to get it am so happy.

  29. Crystal

    After 1 month of using the supplement I already seen small changes in my butt. I am definitely going to keep using it to keep improving my results! I am hooked and I love that it’s all natural and no side effects!

  30. Erinnova

    purchase two bottles already I’m so excited to get started I can’t wait for it to already come already

  31. Sear08

    I purchased my 2 months supply and can’t wait to start use ur products , I’m so excited to get my order

  32. Alexandra

    Love the all natural ingredients… it’s not been 60 days yet but my butt feels fuller already and my breasts look a little bigger…

  33. Nancy

    I’m using Curvhance for 6 months and I’ve been in love with them. My butt and breasts is noticeably bigger. My husband joked that it looks like I got plastic surgery. I have such a nice shape now. I visited my relatives abroad and they also commented that they have never seen my body look better.

  34. Stephanie James

    Love this product…My boobs have gotten bigger I have increase a cup and butt is so big.

  35. Jennifer

    Curvhance pills truly work. I purchase the 1 MONTH supply and I really see the difference, my butt looks bigger than before. I will definitely be buying more!

  36. Melinda

    I have tried many products in the market including GB but nothing has worked as good as curvhance. I will continue my journey because it has showed me the results I wanted in a very short time. Additionally my butt and breasts not only got bigger and my waist smaller but my acne-prone problem skin has completely cleared up which is something that I was not expecting. It is a win win all around!

  37. Sharron

    Love it because it actually works.

  38. Charlene

    Took the pills for four weeks and I can see the difference in my body. My booty looks bigger than before. I would recommend this product.

  39. Sara

    Almost finished 1 month of Curvhance and seeing results already! Love the product.

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