Us VS Them

Us: Effective Dosage
Them: Under-Dosed

Each ingredient in the Curvhance formulation is backed by validated scientific research and dosed at effective levels. This scientific research includes studies performed at top labs and published in medical journals featuring the most effective herbal estrogen boosting ingredients on the planet.

Curvhance is made up of 8 natural ingredients. Many products similar to ours list a higher number of ingredients which will make it appear as though their product is superior to Curvhance. But these ingredients are almost always under-dosed and simply not beneficial. For example, most body enhancing supplements will suggest a 1 pill a day dosage, yet they only pack around 500mg of ingredients in each pill. It’s simply not a high enough dose to be even remotely beneficial or have much effect on your body. Curvhance contains a blend of 700mg per pill which we suggest taking twice a day (one during the day, and one at night), ensuring that you are getting enough of each ingredient to get maximum results.

Us: Honest
Them: Misleading

The fact is that it is becoming more and more difficult to find honest and reliable product reviews. It seems like every other day someone comes out with a new “magic detox weight loss cure”, making it increasingly difficult to find out which are actually worth the money. The truth is, the vast majority of the people you see on Instagram and other social media platforms promoting these products are in fact being paid to recommend the products- and why shouldn’t they get paid!? After all the time and effort they spent taking beautiful pictures, engaging and growing their following, it is only right that their efforts become fruitful. Companies know the influencing power that these individuals have, which is why they use them to increase their sales. While these social media influencers are cashing in from sponsored posts, unfortunately a lot of the claims they make gives people false hope.

We at Curvhance pride ourselves on taking the honest route. We have never paid anyone to promote our products. Whenever you see our products online or read reviews/recommendations, you can believe that the person is speaking their own mind based on their personal experience with Curvhance and are women who ACTUALLY use our product. Although we do have brand ambassadors, these are all ladies that were former Curvhance customers who loved our products so much that they want to become a rep for us because they truly believe in our brand.

Us: Safe & Gentle Ingredients
Them: Upset Stomach

We believe in only using the highest quality natural ingredients that don’t have any of the harsh side effects and concerns of other vague supplement brands on the market. You can feel comfortable knowing that we use safe ingredients in the Curvhance formula that provides maximum benefits to help your body from the inside out.

Us: Made In USA
Them: Made In China

There’s something reassuring about buying supplements that are made in America. For one thing, in the States we are subject to complying with safety standards and regulations (FDA and GMP), so you can put your mind at ease knowing that you are consuming a high quality product that you can trust. Unlike our competitors who prioritize on cheap production costs, we will never sacrifice our reputation and safety of production for the benefit of having lower production costs in countries abroad where the risk of poor quality rises.

Purchasing supplements that are manufactured elsewhere, particularly China, India and Mexico, may be putting your health at risk. It is important to pay close attention to the label on the supplement packaging to see where it is made. Manufacturing products in these countries is very cheap for the companies but at a high risk to consumers. You may think that all “herbal” products are safe to consume but numerous health reports have stated that traces of toxic ingredients and prescription drugs have been found in these supplements.

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